Welcome to the Amaranthine Museum, an exploration of the labyrinthine exhibit of the late artist Les Harris.

In 1977  Harris set out to explore the world within the confines of six rooms in a fallout shelter in Baltimore, MD.   Over the next ten years the collection grew into an awesome installation, painted luxuriously over 300 canvases and sculptures.  His paintings grew onto their meticulously sculpted frames and beyond, demanding new corresponding walls.  His floors became mere corridors, disguised by mirrors, cloth, wires, grids and tinsel, and together defrayed clear understanding.

Les Harris began somewhere in the middle of time … painting Gothic Cathedrals. Architectural awe turned to Egyptian wonder as he explored the ancient mysteries with his pen and brush and translated them into contemporary consciousness peering through the eyes of artists through the centuries. Time and space were irrelevant and non-local.

While his old museum now proudly stands renovated as the corner-stone of the new Clipper Park, Harris moved his full body of work to a new space.  He created a whole new installation without obfuscation, as an attempt to uplift and free the work of gravity.  Now the labyrinth begins with the omega of mind and its contemporary ideas and winds its way back to the alpha and its majestic beginning.