May 112010

The Amaranthine Museum has been registered as a 501(c)3 not for profit organization. As such, we rely on friends such as you to help us to keep the Amaranthine Museum vision strong and the works available to the public. Although we love the spirit of generosity, all levels of contribution are true gifts and greatly appreciated. We are currently not yet set up for a paypal transaction, but gratefully accept donations at the Amaranthine Museum, 2010 Clipper Park Dr., Baltimore, MD 21211.

The Museum has had a very exciting year with many new and unique events:
• Visitors – Individuals, groups and events brought in nearly 1000 visitors this year;
• Study Guide – An all new Treasure Hunt was created to familiarize visitors with art by seeking images and identifying them in a self guided tour;
• Fundraiser – The second annual Hunt was the focus of our 2010 fundraiser. An Egyptian astrological chart was awarded to our winner with additional runner up prizes. Baltimore businesses gave generously to our live auction and we netted nearly $3000;
• Rheims Unveiling – Last year, hidden deep within the basement we found a new painting! We had the canvas stretched and presented it for the first time as we opened the museum last autumn. It now hangs proudly in the museum;
• Guest Speaker Series – Four wonderful speakers spoke this past Autumn including Gary Vikan, Chris Dreisbach, Herbert Bangs and Mary Brandes. Our spring speaker series included Frankie Hutton and a performance by Wayne Hankin. All came to the museum and shared ideas in meet and greet sessions; a wonderful forum for the exchange of ideas.
• America for the Arts has chosen Baltimore as the city of choice for their 50th anniversary. The Amaranthine was selected to orchestrate ARTventures, an urban tour, through the Clipper complex as part of the upcoming light rail tour on June 26, 2010;
• Journals – Years of journals have been transcribed to further understand and document the artwork. It has been a truly enlightening experience!
• Documentation – Through special task force meetings we have found a pressing need to sustain the works of Les Harris through documentation. We are now working with a photographer to capture every image within the labyrinth.
Looking to the future we have many projects on the horizon.
• Once photo documentation is complete we plan to merge images with collected thoughts and begin our search for a publisher;
• As a partner to this publication, an all cyber tour of the museum will be built;
• We are pursuing growing the speaker series into a “salon” with guest speakers musicians and artists; an idea often considered by Harris;
• Following journal transcription we plan to tackle the thousands of pages, handwritten and typed, of Harris’ book “Dwellers on the Thirteenth Floor”.
2009 was a wonderfully productive year, and 2010 is proving to be the same. However, these are challenging times and we invite you to join us to keep our vision strong with your contribution.
Thank you again for your ongoing support!
The Amaranthine Museum